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Studio Drop in – Tony Redman

June 18, 2018

Studio `Drop – In` An afternoon `Drop in`, probably in middle of August 2018, at my studio And home in Roker, Sunderland Come along and enjoy a  piece of `Other`cake, or an Other`s Pride sandwich. Bring an artwork for the Blue-Tack exhibition in the studio! Date and times to be confirmed

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The OTHER Great Exhibition of the North: By the people, for the people, a Manifesto

Why the OTHER Great Exhibition of the North? Because the Great Exhibition of The North (GEOTN) is less about the North and more about a politically motivated attempt by a Tory government to Artwash its policies of austerity and privatisation. Policies that leave many communities across the country adrift and without the creative resources, community spaces and services available to them after years of cuts.

OTHER is an artist-led, inclusive response to GEOTN to give a voice and platform to individuals and communities, to showcase the full scope of arts activities in the North.

OTHER is open and inclusive not only to artists, performers, musicians, creatives, writers, scientists and academics, but to all individuals and community groups living and working in the North.

OTHER will tell the stories of the North, exhibiting and celebrating our pioneering spirit, innovation and cultural diversity.

Sign up to our Manifesto pledge