Newcastle based artist Cath Walsh writes about her practice

Newcastle based artist Cath Walsh writes about her practice, thoughts about the Other Great Exhibition of the North and the importance of engaging with urgent social issues 


I have been involved in the Other Great Exhibition of the North  (OtherGEN) from the first meeting in April at George Street Social. Since then there have been some good meetings with amazing ideas and some very good events. Attending OtherGEN events has been a great way to meet people with similar interests and build connections. Unfortunately OtherGEN events and exhibitions haven’t been evaluated or followed up. Getting feedback and photos of events and exhibitions would help to build OtherGEN’s profile and get our message heard. My own work is very concerned with social issues.


Working with other artists is important for me and I’m involved with other artist groups as well as OtherGEN. Earlier this year I entered the Nasty Women art prize and although I wasn’t awarded first prize I did win a residency for 2 days at Ampersand Creations. My entry was a piece of art and filmed a sequence around period poverty. In the New Year I’m planning to re-edit the film, add an interview and have the film shown more widely.


I’m also involved in Food Power and making work about food poverty. I have been to several conferences and seminars on the subject and Food Power is hoping to launch a campaign early 2019. My latest event was a zine festival at Commercial Union House where there was the opportunity to have a go at making some zines I enjoyed this very much.


I attended Newcastles first Unity march. It was an amazing day with music, food and people just being together. Some very talented young people rapping (and not one swear word!) about what its like living in Newcastle. Young people want to be heard and in my opinion they should be.

In 2019 hoping to progress my career as a serious artist. This will be a challenge, because I can’t just have one project on the go but usually six or seven at one time and this can make it difficult for me to stick to timescales, attend meetings, apply for grants and all those other little tasks. 


I have the adult form of ADHD and because of my impulsivity I sometimes talk over people, get distracted and sometimes totally zone out due to my hyperactive brain and so my thoughts wander it can be exhausting but it can also be funny, I laugh at myself often. 


Anyway I would to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a very happy new year xx

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