A Manifesto

The OTHER Great Exhibition of the North: By the people, for the people, a  Manifesto

Why the OTHER Great Exhibition of the North? Because we’re determined to make people understand that big showpiece events are no substitute for proper funding of arts and culture.

Events like the Great Exhibition of The North (GEOTN) might have given the impression of a thriving creative landscape, but they mustn’t be allowed to Artwash government policies of austerity and privatisation. The truth is that years of cuts have left many communities across the country adrift and without the creative resources, community spaces and services which are vital in preserving and shaping our cultural identities.

OTHER is an artist-led, inclusive, parallel initiative which will run alongside GEOTN to give voice and an alternative platform to all individuals and communities, showcase the full scope of arts activities in the North and put community access to art and culture on the agenda.

OTHER is open not only to artists, performers, musicians, creatives, writers, scientists and academics, but to any individuals and community groups living and working in the North.

OTHER will tell the stories of the North, exhibiting and celebrating our pioneering spirit, innovation and cultural diversity.


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