Is Spectacle the Sun That Never Sets?

Call out for Artworks

21 August to 25 August 2018 , System Gallery

The Other Great Exhibition of the North is calling out for artworks that challenge the dominant social and economic neoliberal narratives for an exhibition to be held at the System Gallery, 21 to 25 August.

Eight years of government driven austerity has created scarcity and social division. Poverty has increased as wages have grown at their slowest rate in 200 years. All the while a social and financial elite maintains their ever tightening chokehold on the country’s wealth and opportunity

To distract us international capital and its political cheerleaders seek to artwash their way to respectability offering spectacle and entertainment to nullify social and creative action

This is a call for art that takes apart the ideology of hyper-capitalism, lays its entrails out on the floor and smashes them until the sickness is laid bare for all to see

Submission details

We’re looking primarily for two dimensional work, will consider three dimensional work, however limitations on space may mean that depending on size of the work three dimensional work won’t be able to included (see the gallery plan for guidance)

Email up to three images to with System Gallery in the subject line (jpg or png minimum size 1mb) including title, dimensions and date plus short artist statement (no more than 200 words) about your work/practice and how it responds to the exhibition theme. Artists statements will be used in publicity material for the exhibition


Key dates

Email images by 10 August,

Selected works delivered to System Gallery by 17 August

Preview 21 August

Collect works 26 August

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